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1 - Get Your Quote

Just answer some questions and get your quote - then congrats!  We'll send you a really good quote (how smart of you to find such a valuable service).  We will also make it easy to accept & pay.  Get started here - QUOTE


3 - Watch Your Video

This is the part where we get excited!  We'll send you instructions to view your video and accept it or revise it.


2 - Exchange The Things

You have things we need... We will ask a few more questions about your project (like style, feel, audio or sharing - don't worry we'll send you a simple form to answer or we can get creative for you).  And we'll need you to send your files to us - usually through secured cloud sharing like WeTransfer, Google Drive or Dropbox.  We will send you instructions or discuss other options if you prefer.

Data Cloud

4 - Get Your Video or Revise It

Finally we will send you the project - through one of the secured methods from before (WeTransfer, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc...).  And we will try not to cry seeing your project all grown up and out in the world on it's own.

Confetti Party


  • How much does it cost?
    It will depend on the project - you can easily request a quote HERE. Our goal is to provide an affordable project cost for everyday people. Instead of paying a few hundred dollars to upwards of $1000 for quality, creative videos, memorials or other projects (or worse - sacrificing quality and care for a reduced price), we offer services at an affordable price while maintaining the creative quality you expect.
  • How long does it take?
    This will vary depending on the project. Once we receive the files from you, we strive to have the project back to you within 48hrs - if not sooner. We will also keep you informed of when you can expect to view your project based on our availability and your deadline date. If you have a special or urgent deadline, just let us know and we will be upfront with you on what we can do!
  • How do I send you my files?
    We're a little cloudy on this... through one of the main secure cloud file sharing options (WeTransfer, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc...). But if you prefer another option such as email, just let us know and we'll work with you.
  • What if I don't like my video?
    All projects come with at least 1 revision if you need (and most come with 2 - we'll let you know in the quote). And in the unlikely event that you're not satisfied in the end, we'll refund your money!
  • Will my video remain private?
    Of course! We take privacy very serious and follow strict rules when it comes to your files. By default we don't share or post anything publicly or with anyone other than you.
  • Can you help me share my project with others?
    By default we won't share your files or project with anyone but you. But, YES, we can help you share your project if you need. You'll just have to give us official permission first (you will have that option when we gather some extra info about your project) and we can help you share it privately, semi-private or post it publicly for you.
  • Who owns the rights to the final project?
    You do. It's that simple. We like clear and simple.
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