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1 - Get Your Quote

Just answer some questions and get your quote - then congrats!  We'll send you a really good quote (how smart of you to find such a valuable service).  We will also make it easy to accept & pay.  Get started here - QUOTE


3 - Watch Your Video

This is the part where we get excited!  We'll send you instructions to view your video and accept it or revise it.


2 - Exchange The Things

You have things we need... We will ask a few more questions about your project (like style, feel, audio or sharing - don't worry we'll send you a simple form to answer or we can get creative for you).  And we'll need you to send your files to us - usually through secured cloud sharing like WeTransfer, Google Drive or Dropbox.  We will send you instructions or discuss other options if you prefer.

Data Cloud

4 - Get Your Video or Revise It

Finally we will send you the project - through one of the secured methods from before (WeTransfer, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc...).  And we will try not to cry seeing your project all grown up and out in the world on it's own.

Confetti Party


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